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Darren began his training in Filipino Martial Arts under my father in our family style. Over the past 15 years Darren's pursuit of knowledge in personal safety as well as combat effectiveness has not only included training in many other forms of martial arts, but also countless hours of research on  anatomy, psychology, sociology and criminology. Darren has an uncanny ability to absorb this information and blend it into his own style of personal self-defense that not only gives the practitioner the ability to protect themselves physically, but also teaches the individual how to assess situations and avoid confrontation. What separates Guro Darren from other self-defense instructors is that he not only teaches  the nuances of physical, social and environmental aspects of self-defense, he also includes the legal aspects in his training. If your looking for the real deal, look no further!

Dastin Alambra
Head Instructor
Sikaran Arnis School of Martial Arts
Tagapagmana nang Pamamaraang Alambra (Heir to the Alambra Style of Martial Arts)

Unang-Batikan Burokil Alambra Arnis De Mano
9th degree Modern Sikaran
6th degree World Sikaran Arnis Brotherhood
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