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Providing instruction to various groups:

In a word...anybody who's been looking for something different than what they've believed is the stereotype. We have: No rituals. No belts. No tournaments. No politics. No gis. No mysticism. No yelling and screaming. Learn at your own pace on your own time. Those with no previous training are most welcome to attend as it's not needed and most often a benefit.

  • Civilians who make up the majority of society-that have no previous military, law enforcement or security training-that want to take their own personal safety and protection into their own hands without always having to rely on people that may not have their best interests at heart and do not take their family's safety as personally as they do
  • Law enforcement that need a different view to take their past training to a different level
  • Security Personnel that want to upgrade their training, we have specially-designed programs that have had rave reviews already within the country
  • Seniors who need not feel isolated and alone in modern society
  • Corporate personal preservation for those wanting to ensure a safe work environment for their employees and management
  • English speakers adapting to a foreign culture looking for some safety and tones of home
  • Ticos wanting skills to adapt to an increasingly-high crime and violent crime rates


We have long been affiliated with the Sikaran-Arnis School of Martial Arts in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. My home base and long-time base club. It's here I learned FMA and it's subsystems, among a mountain of other invaluable life knowledge, first and foremost from the Alambra Family, members of the Canadian military and various other highly-respected and experienced combative martial artists.

We are extremely pleased and proud to announce a working affiliation with ABC Women's Self-Defense as of mid-August, 2016 as well. Please check out our webpage at 
and the main page at

STS Security is one of the first companies in Costa Rica providing full integration between professional Physical Security and complete Alarm Monitoring and Armed Response services. They are the leading security company in Costa Rica's Central Pacific Coast. With over 80 guards, STS has one of the largest security forces on the Central Pacific Coast. STS combines physical security with high-tech solutions, adjusting to each customer’s unique needs, yet maintaining reasonable rates and saving unnecessary expenses. We conduct organized training to our guards and we supervise constantly. Our patrol is available at all times giving full support to our posts. In case of emergency they respond immediately.

Empresas de seguridad privada Costa Rica

We are proudly affiliated (socially) with the Lightning Fencing Club in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The only fencing club Guro Darren trained at and maintains loyalty to, with the goal of promoting the fantastic and dynamic sport of fencing. Please support this fantastic sport in your area. (

We are also proudly affiliated with the top submission club in Canada, Shoot Wrestling Canada under coach Ron Beer in Markham, Ontario. (

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