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Darren Friesen has been a good friend of mine and one of my instructors for approximately
20 years. During this time I have observed him progress through the traditionally popular
martial arts into the disciplines he has now embraced and excelled at.

While Darren explored disciplines I continued to train in the traditional ones. It wasn't
until the late 1990's I decided to explore outside of my element, which is when I began
training with Darren. I found instantly that I had been missing a much larger world of
martial arts.

Darren proved to be very well equipped to instruct a group while continuing to evolve in
his own training.

There is most often a time in training where the student is able to best the instructor,
often to the instructors delight. Darren's skill, to my frustration, did not let me
achieve this.

I found that Darren's skill along with his enthusiasm for training allowed me to garner
many skill sets from him. These skills haven proven valuable to me in my chosen profession
of law enforcement.

I have much respect for Darren and his abilities.


Mike Carr
RCMP Officer & Border Patrol Agent
Manitoba, Canada

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