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I was quietly training at my brother's martial arts club here in Winnipeg, some years ago when someone walked in together with a friend asking about our style of martial arts. After a short conversation this guy and his friend asked if they could try a class. They did and as they say the rest is history. The guy that walked in stayed not only to learn our style but ended up helping us in all aspects of our Filipino martial arts training. The name of the guy that walked in, is Datu Darren.
Darren and I ended up training together, but for some reason his progression in Filipino martial arts skyrocketed and mine not so much. He trained with other matrial arts to try and cover all the bases, from standup to the ground and even weaponry. But as he will tell you himself, he really fell in love with FMA. Datu Darren is tireless in his search of ways to even improve his already impressive repertoire of FMA.
Training with Datu Darren will improve your current style or if you are searching for a practical no BS method of self defense. I highly recommend to anybody to learn from Datu Darren. Although i was already in martial arts before i met Datu Darren, the practical self-defense that he shared is something new to me. If there is anybody out there searching for a martials arts to learn,or wanting real life skill, environmental awareness, straight-to-the-point self-defense, look no further, Datu Darren is the one you are looking for.

S. Carlo S. Alambra
teacher, student, training-partner
2-time World Sikaran Champion

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