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Darren is an excellent instructor who focuses on physical and mental toughness while
practicing technique to perfection.

Darren will spend personal time with his students and develop assistant trainers or
student mentors who will assist in the training of students.

I have personally trained with Darren in the Philippine martial art of "Arnis".  My prior
training includes a Shodan Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu and 3rd Dan Black Belt in Kukiwon Tae
Kwon Do.  I have personally been a Martial Arts instructor in those disciplines for
decades.  I had the opportunity to train with Darren Friesen as an assistant to Dante
Alambra in Arnis for a short period at my Jiu Jitsu Den, and found that it not only
complemented my current training, it was the quintessential street fighting
defense/offense that I was looking for.

When Darren opened up his own club, I immediately followed him to upgrade the skills that
I had started under Dante, while maintaining my own disciplines.  Darren's training
sessions maintained the same vigor and quality of training that I had experienced
previously and I continued to develop my Arnis.

Arnis is primarily focused on both empty hand techniques or using any weapons on hand to
counter stick, knife, machete, etc.  It utilizes the basic martial arts movements to
complement the use of sticks, knives etc, and can be used purely defensively, such as
one-on-one situations, or can be escalated when facing multiple adversaries.

I consider Darren to be an extremely good trainer and instructor and would endorse him to
anyone.  Darren does not focus on whether everyone has the same Gi (clothing) or
unnecessarily on traditional protocol, but on the training itself, both physically and
mentally.  My only regret is that he is no longer here to train with.


David Scrapneck, BSc, CCPE, Shodan Black Belt Jiu Jitsu, 3rd Dan Kukiwon Tae Kwon Do
Immunology Specialist
Gastroenterology, Manitoba and N. Alberta
Janssen Inc.

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