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MISSION - 1. To teach accurate knowledge and information based on current studies, science and the dictates of modern violence in the midst of a generally misinformed industry and public.
2. To run an all-encompassing program specializing in civilian safety and getting people safely home to their loved ones. This is not a martial arts club but a personal preservation, self-defense, survival and conflict management one. If you're looking for style, system, lineage, belts, titles...look elsewhere. If you're looking for truth, this might be for you.
3. To provide a counter-balance for the inaccuracies spewed by so many in the industry.

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica - "The slogan is included on all government communiques, per order of the president: "Construimos un pais seguro," or "We're building a secure country." But Costa Ricans are losing faith that security can be restored. Economic woes used to be what most kept them up at night; nowadays, crime wobbles the nation's worry jar. Nearly half of Costa Ricans consider citizen security the worst problem facing the country, the highest rate since the firm Unimer began polling on the issue in 2005." - Alex Leff from Global Post.

 If this is true, it leads one to wonder why so many people continuously look for a cheap, second-rate solution to such a major issue. Do they do this when they're buying a house? Do they do this when buying a car? When buying stocks? When looking for a school for their children? When hiring a repairman/woman? No, when they want something done right and with quality, they know they have to pay but the end result is worth it because it's been done right and with quality. Safety and security should be no different and no less is our number one basic fundamental right and freedom.

 We adhere to this creed, with us you will get nothing but premier quality combative martial arts and personal preservation skills. We take it personally and teach you the way we would teach our own family. Nothing but top quality, fit for the modern world and factoring in elements which others fear to explain to you. Our mission? Though it's a big challenge, we know, to make this country, Costa Rica, safer.


actual physical techniques, scenarios, weapons usage and defense (both external & natural body) and the application of the above, cardiovascular (both aerobic and anaerobic) and resistance training. Also includes anatomy: quite simply, the study of human anatomy, what happens to the areas of the human body when attacked/damaged with empty hand, weapon or otherwise, muscles/nerves/tendons/ligaments/organs/arteries/veins/joints/bones, kinesiology (animation of motion)


what goes on inside your body and mind: adrenaline dump & fear response and varying proactive strategies to address these natural body occurrences: visualization, autogenic breathing (both from the chest during and from the abdomen before/after), meditation; includes intuitive: senses, developed through trust over time/meditation, innate reaction to outside stimulus and our gut feeling towards the stimulus-people, situations, locations


weapons of opportunity, escape routes, barricades, awareness of surroundings; includes tactics, perhaps the most cryptic of the group in that it is situational-specific, submissive posturing, verbal dissuasion/distractions, tricks, subliminal motions, draw/carry points for defense weapons, mental deceptions to mislead and confound potential attacker


body language of others and yourself, signs of escalating anger/confrontation, inevitably profiling of other people we interact with/allow into our spatial awareness, eye accessing cues, ritual signs of violence, color codes of awareness, spatial distancing

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Mission Statement

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